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Train Etiquette

CS16034027Some tips for travelling by train so that you stay on the right side of your fellow passengers.

Good: Read a book
Bad: Ring all your friends and have the same innane conversations with each of them in succession

Good: Listen to music on your earphones
Bad: Repeatedly try to strike up a conversation with someone who is listening to music on their earphones

Good: Sit upright in your seat
Bad: Remove your shoes and several other items of clothing and convert your seat, and the one next to it, into a bed, as if you were travelling in First Class on Singapore Airlines

Good: Do not smoke
Bad: Exit the carriage at each stop and agreesively smoke half a cigarette, before returning to your seat smelling like the carpet in a 1980s Nite Club

Good: Do some work on your laptop
Bad: Tap loudly on your laptop keys, to make sure everybody around you knows that the work you are doing on your laptop is much more important than theirs

Good: Send a brief txt message to someone to let them know you are on the way
Bad: Engage in a 2 hour txt marathon with someone, with your keypad tone turned up to the maximum, rather than ringing the same person and disposing of the conversation in a couple of minutes acheter cialis

Good: Have a nap
Bad: Enter a deep sleep, and snore like a cart horse

Good: Have a glass of wine from the catering trolley
Bad: Drink half a bottle of vodka, imagine that other passengers would like to hear you sing a song, and then pass out in the toilets

Good: Eat a sandwich, and dispose of the wrapper in the litter bins provided
Bad: Eat a chicken curry, with rice and chips, and leave the foil containers, paper bags and plastic cutlery strewn about tables and seats after you alight at your stop

Good: If you have larger luggage items, wait until other passengers have alighted before removing them from the luggage racks
Bad: Attempt to alight from the carriage with your large luggage items before any other passengers, placing yourself under pressure to remove the items from the rack quickly, causing you to panic and have a heart attack